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Something's wrong. Is there a debug log?

If you are having difficulties getting TBDialOut to work, it often helps to look at the messages in Thunderbird's Error Console. Even if you don't understand the messages here, they could be invaluable to others if you are asking for help. You can open the Error Console from Thunderbird's main window by selecting Tools > Error console.

Messages generated by TBDialOut always begin [TBDialOut]. Serious problems, like uncaught exceptions, may not have this prefix.

You can increase the level of detail in the Error Console with a 'hidden' preference. You will need to open Thunderbird's Config Editor. Open Thunderbird's prefences (Tools > Preferences or Edit > Preferences, depending on your operating system), go to the 'Advanced' section, select the 'General' tab and click the 'Config Editor...' button.

In the about:config window, search for the preference extensions.tbdialout.loglevel and change its value to 5 for debug output.

You should be aware that a setting of 4 or above may result in your password being printed to the Error Console.

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