Open Source Software

About this site

This is a collection of scripts and programmes I've produced, adapted or contributed to over the years. All of these scripts are open source. They are released under a variety of licences—the precise licence is indicated for each script.

The source for many of these scripts can be checked out at Github.


VOIP and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) seem to have been my most recent focus. TBDialOut is a Thunderbird extension for dialing calls direct from Thunderbird's addressbook.

callPopPy is a cross platform call notification popup notifying you of incoming calls on an Asterisk PBX.

Astral is a module for the Horde framework that enables dialing directly from Horde's contact manager, Turba.

Working with postcodes

Originally written for a project to find local treesurgeons and now at the heart of is a PHP class for working with UK postcodes.


Pifimon is a wi-fi access point monitoring tool for Linux which presents the output of iwlist in a neat graphical way.

Blockproperties is a plugin for the TinyMCE WYSIWYG HTML editor which allows editing of block element attributes.