Astral: click2dial for Horde and Asterisk




Astral is a module for the Horde framework that enables click2dial functionality when used with an Asterisk PBX. Astral provides the telephony/dial service, making it possible to dial directly from phone numbers listed in your Turba address book, or anywhere else where Horde Form elements of the type 'phone' or 'cellphone' are used.

Astral works by communicating with the Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) of the Asterisk server. It is particularly suited to use in organisations where Horde is used as the groupware solution and Asterisk provides telephony.

Installation and Configuration

Download the Astral archive, or check out the source from Github, and unpack in your Horde directory. As well as placing the main code in the directory astral, this should place a suitable Horde registry snippet config/registry.d. If using LDAP for storing preferences, you will need to patch the horde.schema used by your LDAP server.

astral/config/prefs.php.dist should be copied to astral/config/prefs.php.

More information on installation and configuration is provided in the file docs/INSTALL file.

Admin configuration

The connection to AMI is configured globally by the administrator. This includes the host and port to connect to, the username and secret. The administrator also configures the context in which calls should be placed, and the priority (usually 1). It is also possible to configure what should replace a leading '+' in phone numbers. In Europe this will usually be 00.

User configuration

Options dialogueUser options

The user can configure which device the call will be connected to. This should be in the form TECH/device, eg


You can use the special transport 'Local' to connect to a locally defined extension number. If the extention doesn't exist in the default context, you will also have to specify a context using the Local/extension@context syntax, eg


The user can configure how long the device should ring out for before timing out.


Astral will place a small phone icon wherever Horde Form elements of the type 'phone' or 'cellphone' are used. Clicking on this icon will cause the configured device to ring out. When it is taken off hook, the desired phone number is called and connected.

Clickable links are shown in entries in the Turba address book. They also appear in phone number columns in Turba's list view. You will find Astral most useful if you configure Turbar to include phone number colums in this view.

Address book viewAddress book entry with Astral active


Asral is released under the GNU General Public License version 3.