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This page provides usage notes for a Zotero stylesheet for the University of Birmingham's Harvard style recommendations. Zotero is a free and open source reference management tool, available either as an extension for the Firefox browser or a standalone program for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Plugins to integrate it with both Microsoft™ Word and LibreOffice are also available free.

The Harvard - University of Birmingham stylesheet enables you to use Zotero to produce citations and bibliographies that conform to the University of Birmingham's Harvard style guide. You can get the stylesheet from the Zotero style repository.

This page deals only with the quirks of this particular stylesheet. For general information on using Zotero and instructions on installing stylesheets visit the Zotero documentation site. For the most part using the stylesheet should be straightforward, but there are a few specific things to note.


The University of Birmingham's style guide says that books from electronic libraries (eg MyiLibrary, Ebrary) should have the name of the library as well as the URL in the 'Available from' part of the reference. To do this, place the name of the library in the Archive field in Zotero.

British standards

Use the 'Book' type and put the standard number and date (eg BS5606:1990) in the Extra field.

Command papers / official publications

Use the 'Book' type. Give author in the format Country. Committee. Eg "Great Britain. Department of Health".


Use the 'Thesis' type. Use the Type field to indicate the degree, eg 'PhD thesis'.

TV and radio

Enter the episode in the Episode Number field as full text, eg 'Episode 7'. The Network field should be filled in in the form Media, Channel, eg 'TV, BBC1'.


The UoB's guidance does not address the issue of referencing statute, but I've made a best guess and included a style in the style sheet. Use the 'Statute' type and map the fields as below.

Zotero fieldDataExample
Name of Act Name of act, including date Human Rights Act 1998
Code Chapter (for Acts of Parliament only) Chapter 42
Public Law Number SI number (for Statutory Instruments only) SI 2007/75
Date Enacted Date enacted 1998
Extra Place: Publisher London: The Stationery Office

Archive material / special collections

Use the 'Archive' type. Map as follows:

Zotero fieldDataExample
Type Material type Manuscript
Archive Collection The Holden Collection
Loc. In Archive Shelfmark 600
Place Library, City The Holdon Library, London

Known issues

Example bibliography

British Standards Institution (1990) Recommendations for citing and referencing published material. London: BSI. (BS5605:1990)
E.T. the extra-terrestrial (1982) Film. Spielberg, S. 1982
Hague fears over Iran ‘Cold War’ (2012). BBC [online], 18 February. Available from: [Accessed: 18 February 2012]
Holby City (1999) Episode 7, Take me with you. TV, BBC1. 23 February 1999
Human Rights Act 1998. Chapter 42. London: The Stationery Office
Marquardt, M.J., Leonard, H.S., Freedman, A.M., et al. (2009) “Leadership and organizational change in the 21st century.” In Action learning for developing leaders and organizations: Principles, strategies, and cases. [online]. Washington D.C.: American Psychological Association. pp. 3–20. Available from: [Accessed: 21 November 2010]
Marshall, W.A. (1975) “The child as a mirror of his brain’s development.” In Sants, J. and Butcher, H.J. (eds.). Developmental Psychology. Aylesbury, Bucks: Hazell Watson & Viney Ltd. pp. 47–55
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Watt, N. (2010) Revealed: Lib Dems planned before election to abandon tuition fees pledge. The Guardian [online], 12 November. Available from: [Accessed: 13 November 2010]


The Harvard - University of Birmingham CSL style sheet is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.