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Can TBDialOut be used with TAPI

As I don't use Windows, these instructions are untested. Please let me have feedback on how they work if you try them.

TBDialOut can be used with TAPI by using a third party application that is TAPI enabled and configuring that to be the URL handler for callto: URLs. Then configure TBDialOut to pass numbers to the callto: URL scheme.

One application that may be useful for this is Dial by Ian Sharpe. To use this, download dial and unzip the archive. Place both dial.exe and msvcr100.dll in a suitable folder, for example C:\Program Files\Dial.

You then need to configure Windows to pass callto: URLs to dial.exe. Create a simple text file and save it as callto.reg. Put the followig in it, assuming you have placed dial.exe at C:\Program Files\Dial.

@="URL:callto Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""



@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Dial\\dial.exe\" \"%1\""

Once the file is created, double click on it to update the Windows registry.

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Comment of mdeck:
I'm on Win7 64-bit Home Premium and Thunderbird 12.0.1. I have a USB soft modem to dial numbers on the land line connected to my phone (and that works fine, through dialer.exe included in Windows). The instructions above do not work for me. Instead of calling Ian's DialV4, my system still calls (Win) dialer -- but without the phone number. I have tried editing the "callto" registry entry to pass the parameter to (Win) dialer instead of (Ian's) DialV4, but it doesn't pass the parameter. I don't think it ever uses this protocol handler: Something else is getting in the way, and it's not passing the parameter all the way through to (Win) dialer. :(
Added at: 2012-06-25 23:10

Comment of cemski:
This worked for me! Fantastic! Windows XP SP3, Siemens Gigaset SX353 over USB. Didnt have so much hope, as these things with fiddling around with bat files, regitsry and such normally dont work. Very happy! When i use it it still calls up the Windows Dialer.exe Is it intended to be like that?
Added at: 2013-09-13 15:40

Comment of Thomas:
There is the same problem like mdeck by me. I think there is a difference in the kind of handling in WinXP-SP3 and Win7-64bit. But where it is? Who can help?
Added at: 2014-02-05 12:09