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Just wondering how to get it working with an Asterisk Server? I have FreePBX running, created a AMI account for it, but when I put in the extension in originating channel as follows: SIP/54 it just says extension not found. Not sure what the format is for the extension.

The format is correct, but it should be a device name, not an extension. For SIP this will be the username used by the device to register. As a security note, I highly recommend that you don't use the same thing for extension number and device name, but I'm guessing that you haven't done, or this would work.

When configuring TBDialOut it is possible to use an extension number by using the pseudo device type Local, so 'Local/54'. If the extension doesn't exist in the default context you will need to specify a context in which it does exist, eg 'Local/54@internal'.

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