I’m Chris Hastie, and Note to self is my blog. Or my website. Or something.

Some times I have stuff I need to remember, and if it might be useful to other people I post it here. Not everything of course. So don’t spend too long looking for my online banking password here.

Other times I just want to share something with the world. Note to self is a mish mash. I have a blog about my garden, a blog about my husky holiday and whole websites about trees and open source software I’ve developed. This is where I put everything else.

I’ve also used this blog for some of the coursework for an MSc in Public Management that I’ve been studying for at the Institute of Local Government Studies (INLOGOV) at the University of Birmingham. If you come across a post written in a rather more academic style, full of references and tagged Outcomes performance and resources or public management it’s probably one of those course posts.