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Hastie, C. (2017) ‘After Grenfell, Local Authorities Must Break the Link between Fire and Inequality’. The Conversation [online] 20 June. Available from

Hastie, C. (2017) ‘Grenfell’s Tragedy Is a Worldwide Truth: Fire Is an Inequality Issue’. The Guardian [online] 11 July. Available from

Conference presentations

British Sociological Association annual conference—Recovering the Social: Personal Troubles and Public Issues
University of Manchester. April 4, 2017
9th ENQUIRE Conference—Inequalities and Social Research
Univsersity of Nottingham. February 25, 2017
Institute of Fire Engineers R&D conference: RE16
Birmingham. November 15, 2016
Prevention: the evidence
Fire Services College. November 17, 2015
Institute of Fire Engineers R&D conference: RE14
Fire Services College. November 13, 2014
Social Relations, Transformation and Trust
Coventry University. March 29, 2014