Pifimon: wifi monitoring for Linux




Pifimon is a utility for monitoring wifi access points in a Linux environment. It's not exactly Netstumbler for Linux, but it does provide some of the more basic functionality. Pifimon is a Perl script that works by repeatadly running iwlist and presenting the output in nice graphical way.


The output of iwlist differs somewhat depending on the kernel and the wireless card driver. Pifimon deals with this be having an extensible system of drivers. Drivers are provided for many common wireless interfaces.


Because Pifimon calls iwlist and iwlist must be run by root, pifimon must be run as root. Basic usage is:

pifimon [-d driver] [interface]

The driver name should be the name of a file in the Drivers directory, without the .pm extension.

The initial screen presents a list of visible access point with a summary of information about them in table format. The list is updated as fast as iwlist can rescan.

Screenshot: the list of access pointsThe list of access points

The cell list screen displays a list of all cells that have been seen since Pifimon was started, or since the list was reset. Cells not currently visible will have no signal strength reported.

Enter a cell number followed by enter/return to monitor that cell and display a histogram of its signal strength.

Screenshot: monitoring one accesspointMonitoring a single access point

Press 'Q' to quit and return to the cell list.

More information on usage and installation can be found in the README file.


Pifimon is released under the GNU General Public License version 3.